FDI Warm Storage

Frequently Asked Questions


What is warm storage?

We offer seasonal secure heated storage (55-60 degrees Fahrenheit) at our 147,000 sqft facility located at 3121 Airport Way in Fairbanks.   Our conveniently located facility is ideal for storage of passenger vehicles (cars & trucks), motorhomes, boats, ATVs, and motorcycles.

How do I move in and move out?

Move-ins on our standard dates are first come first serve.  Any move-ins not of the aforementioned days will be considered non-standard and will include an additional $125 fee, unless there are multiple appointments for the date requested.   

Do I need to insure my vehicle?

Fountainhead Development is not responsible for damage to your vehicle or boat while stored in our facility, so we require that you at least keep comprehensive coverage.  If you choose to not carry comprehensive, there will be no compensation provided by Fountainhead Development in the event of a loss or damage of any kind. 

How are vehicles/boats measured?

All vehicles are measured from end to end, boats are measured from the trailer tongue to the furthest point aft (rear).  

What is the maximum height allowed for vehicles or boats?

13 Feet.

Do I need to winterize my motorhome?

No, however, we do request that the black and grey-water tanks are completely drained and propane tanks are either removed or disconnected from supply lines and in the off position.


Will I have access to my vehicle?

Access hours will be posted in advance on our website calendar. Customers are allowed to make a payment in person or stop by to check on their vehicle.  A $125 access fee will be charged for any special access requested.  

Can I do any mechanical work on site?

Repairs are not allowed on premise. 

What if I need to move my vehicle out before the expiration of my contract?

Some vehicles depending on location can be moved out early.  The payment must be current through the move-out date, and a $125 access fee will be charged. 

Do I need to leave a key?


Anything else I should know about the warm storage process?

Please bring an oil pan or absorbent pads to put underneath your vehicle’s engine, tools to disconnect your battery, and fuel should be at a ¼ tank or less if possible. 

Can I leave a trickle charger on my battery?

No, we do not have a way to power a trickle charger. If you are concerned, we recommend that you pull your battery after you park.